I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERYONE THAT ORDERED FROM OUR GARDEN AND FOR THOSE WHO JUST VISITED THE WEBSITE. I am updating pictures with some that I took this past bloom year. Pricing will not change until I can get in the garden in early spring to check my inventory. If you place your order after Jan 01 2018 until I make the price changes your price will not change unless I lower the price and that will be the price you will pay. 

We will start taking orders for the 2018 growing season after the first of January.  Your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received. Shipping will begin the latter part of July into early August unless you specify another shipping date. I will inventory your order to see if the irises you specifically want are available and let you know by email once I can get to work in the garden. Most of  my sales are to garden visitors. You should order before bloom season as I sell out of many during that time period.

Thank You




What’s Doing in the Garden

Our new online iris store is live. Go to our Shop page, and you’ll see photos of literally hundreds of irises you can choose from. Click an iris’s photo, and you can read more about it – and see listings and photos of related varieties. You can search for irises by name, by color, by hybridizer, by the year they were first introduced, by price range. You can even see which irises are the most popular, which ones our customers rate most highly, and which are the very newest. And once you’ve made your selections, our new shopping cart will let you pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit card or gift card – or by Paypal electronic funds transfer.