Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Best wishes for a happier and healthier New Year. I will start taking orders Jan 1st. Supplies are going to be limited because of last years unbelievable sales. If you see something that does not have a price or says out of stock you can add that to your email order. At the end of the season I will let you know if I do have any to sell and what the price would be. I only have 1 or 2 of many varieties so I am not listing them for sale on the web. Instead of sending an order over the internet I would suggest you email me the list of irises you want. When I can do a physical inventory I will let you know which will be available and you can then order on line. I will fill orders in the sequence of the emails received. Thanks to my past customers and visitors to my website and garden. Still trying to sell the garden. Had surgery on my hand in November and looking toward possible  knee surgery.

Rhizomes for my IB’s, MTB’s, MDB’s and SDB’s are going to be small.

As of Oct 1st my 304-258-3735 phone number will be disconnected. Please use the 301-988-6175 number.

Minimum order is $30.00 without the postage. I have been filling orders that are not the minimum but I will not do so after today (June 11, 2020). Thank you

Some varieties are completely sold out for the 2020 season. Please email me the ones you are interested in and I will check to see if they are still available. I would like to thank everyone who visited our garden this year. Remember to Stop and Smell the flowers as you go through life. Stay Safe….Jim


Do to health issues I am trying to sell my iris business. If anyone is interested in purchasing my inventory please contact me. I am not interested in selling individual varieties but the entire garden.

Welcome to the 2020 growing season. I will be updating the website over the next month. Many of the varieties are in short supply and many I have to delete as they did not survive the terrible last 2 seasons. If you are ordering more than one of a variety you should email me to make sure I will have them. Thanks for visiting us. My rhizomes for my IB’s, MTB’s and SDB”S are very small. Do not order if you are expecting large rhizomes.


My loss was more significant then first realized. I am in very short supply on almost all varieties. I have raised the price on many irises that I only have  3 or less remaining. Don’t really want to sell them but if someone should want them I will let them go at the new price. I will not be replacing any varieties once they are sold out.
  2018  was one of the worst years since I started growing irises some 45 years ago. We had a very cold Spring. Late April it started to rain and just would not quit. We had over 50 inches of rain from May to Sept. Weeds grew profusely.  The ground was saturated from  April deep into the winter months. I dug orders in the mud this past July, August, and September. My crop suffered quite a bit of soft rot from all the rain and weed cover. I completely lost over a 100 varieties. I pretty much lost everything I planted the last 2 years and only have a couple of rhizomes on many established clumps that I have had for years. I am not going to plant any new varieties. Health issues and age are limiting my ability to take care of the garden like I use to.


Information about your order.

  Your order will be processed and shipped in the order it was received. Shipping will begin the latter part of July into early August unless you specify another shipping date. I will inventory your order to see if the irises you specifically want are available and let you know by email once I can get to work in the garden. Most of  my sales are to garden visitors. You should order before bloom season as I sell out of many during that time period.

Thank You



What’s Doing in the Garden

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