3 thoughts on “Photos

  1. wanted to order some iris, many of do not have a price by them in the website, does that mean they are unavailable or just not sure if you have enough stock, but is available in limited stock?Thanks

    • Good Evening Phillip,

      A lot of them are not available.
      If you would like you can email me a list of what you want.
      I will do a physical inventory of my stock and see if I am going to have for sale this year and get back to you.
      Thank you

  2. Jim,

    What is price for the following and are they available? Aardvark Lark, Almost Gladys, Amethyst Suncatcher, Ampersand, Chasing Rainbows, Double Ringer, Dream Lover, Firebreather, Glacier Spring.

    Going to visit your gardens as soon as you open.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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